How does Vitu Point-of-Sale Insurance insure my collateral?

By adding each vehicle to the master policy, your dealership’s risk is eliminated through an insurance certificate that covers the car and its buyer up to the Actual Cash Value of the vehicle being added. The coverage is provided by a California Admitted A.M. Best Rated “A-” carrier.

How long does it take to issue a certificate?

About 1 to 3 minutes. Vitu Point-of-Sale Insurance 100% is integrated within the DMVdesk workflow.

How much will this cost my dealership?

The service is free with no monthly minimums. If you would like to take advantage of the Vitu Point-of-Sale Insurance system or learn more please call 844-874-8488 or email us at [email protected]

Does my dealership need an insurance license?

No. Vitu Point-of-Sale Insurance has created a proprietary system that provides insurance coverage with an option for your dealership to share the cost with your customer.

Is Vitu Point-of-Sale Insurance approved by the Department of Insurance?

Yes. Vitu Point-of-Sale Insurance is licensed by the CA Department of Insurance under License #0L38051.

How do I know that Vitu Point-of-Sale Insurance is a viable company?

Aside from its CA Department of Insurance license and its backing by a California Admitted A.M. Best Rated “A-” carrier, Vitu Point-of-Sale Insurance is a subsidiary company of Vitu, which developed the innovative DMVdesk, California’s No. 1 electronic vehicle registration (EVR) provider.

Who is selling the insurance to cover the vehicle?

Vitu Point-of-Sale Insurance is partnered with a California Admitted A.M. Best “A-” Rated carrier.

Who pays for the coverage?

Unlike our competitors, Vitu Point-of-Sale Insurance offers both card and ACH payment options as well as the flexibility to designate a percentage to be paid by both the dealer and customer (even in increments as small as 5%). Also, the dealer is not collecting any money from the customer.

How does Vitu Point-of-Sale Insurance help the customer transition to long-term insurance?

Vitu Point-of-Sale Insurance connects the customer with a licensed agent to aid in attaining the appropriate long-term auto insurance.

How long are the certificates effective?

TThe length of coverage can be anywhere from 3 to 30 days. Dealers determine the length at the point of purchase.

How is Vitu Point-of-Sale Insurance different from other companies?

Vitu Point-of-Sale Insurance is a fully integrated product with the dealership’s current DMVdesk workflow. It requires minimal additional steps and keeps the dealership personnel in the same system.

Our dealership closes late. Will Vitu Point-of-Sale Insurance be available after hours?

Vitu Point-of-Sale Insurance is web-based and can be accessed 24/7. In case you have a question or your internet is down, you can call our office at 844-874-8488.

If there is a claim who do we call?

In the event of a claim call Vitu Point-of-Sale Insurance at 844-874-8488 and select “Option 3” to file a claim directly with the carrier.

What is Vitu Association?

Vitu Association is an association dedicated to helping dealers sell cars and provide support for their customers after the sale. The association offers a master policy for its dealer members to insure their collateral as well as provide comprehensive and collision coverage for the vehicle.

Does coverage extend to other states?

Yes. As long as the vehicle was purchased at a member dealership, the coverage will extend to the United States and Canada. Please contact Vitu Insurance Services to attain coverage for Mexico at (844) 874-8488.

How do I add a lienholder if it changes after I have sold the vehicle?

That is easy, just call Vitu Point-of-Sale Insurance at 844-874-8488 and we can make that update for you right away.